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10 Things No One Tells You About Toddlers Before You Have a Baby

There are many things I wish I had been prepared for before my daughter became a toddler but no one told me.

1. No one ever said that they will want whatever I have… be it food, an object, or someone’s attention.
2. No one ever said that they would always like the box/wrapping paper more than the gift.
3. No one ever said that as soon as they begin to talk, they never stop.
4. No one ever said that they are super fast learners and will copy everything I do and say, and usually when its most embarrassing for me.
5. No one ever said that at times, they will do things just to push your buttons, like touch something WHILE you tell them no, (They will look back at you, and just touch it!), or eat something they shouldn’t WHILE you tell them no.
6. No one ever said that they would do weird things like bang their head of things for fun, not just when they are mad, or put smaller things (like crayons, blocks, or coins) into other things (like boxes, bowls, or cups) and then move them back to the original container or dump them out completely, just to start over.
7. No one ever said they would poop at the most inopportune times like in the bathtub or right after a bath, in a car when you cannot stop, or noticeable in a public place. And it is only messy when you have to be somewhere, they have a special outfit on, or they have any more than 3 layers on.
8. No one ever said they take their diaper/clothes/shoes off, no matter where they are.
9. No one ever said they would want to follow/talk to complete strangers and snub family members.
10. Finally,  no one ever said they would become the most important person in my life… above my parents, siblings, friends, and even the love of my life,  my wife!