The Truth About Being a Lesbian

Who would choose a lifestyle where they would be ridiculed and judged for being happy? Not me! I would never choose to be gay, had I been given a choice in the matter. Yet, here I am, married to the love of my life and long time best friend… who just happens to be a woman. We have been together 11 years this December 2nd, 2014 and have been married only a year on the 20th of July, 2013. We know eachother in and out. We have been through many obstacles,  but have not given up on eachother yet. That is true love! A decade of true love! 

I can’t bring my daughter to the doctors or hospital without written concent from my wife because she is the birth Mom.  It doesnt matter that I was by her side in the hospital as she had our daughter. I am not legally a parent until I adopt as a step parent because we were not married at the time of her birth. I remember the day they came into our hospital room and told us that we would have to fill another birth certificate application out… without my information on it.

We get funny looks and comments like “Do you think they are gay?” or “Which one is the guy?” when we go out in public as a family. I worry that my almost 2 year old might catch on to the snidness of their remarks. I want her to be happy with the life we have given her and it could be damaging to see her parents talked down to and degraded. But on the other hand, seeing us handle these situations effectively could teach her to handle other people’s views with grace!

Another obstacle I face because I am a homosexual is my rights as a married American not being met in all states. Say we want to move to a state that does not recognize married homosexuals. We would not have the same rights as a married couple but more like that of room mates. (New York’s Onondaga County Social Services would not put our cases together until we were married, even though it was obvious we were a family!)

I am truly happy with my life today. And Im grateful I didnt have to choose to be straight or gay. In the end, I ended up with my soul mate as naturally as any heterosexual couple does. My life just has more obstacles because I am different from what society says I should be. It just makes me stronger than the next person! I would even say I am proud to be gay!


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