The Truth is Everyone Wants to Feel Important

As a Mother, I don’t want my daughter to grow up because I want her to need me. I will always want her to need me but I have to let her learn on her own and in her own way sometimes so I sit and watch her struggle every once in a while through out the day. She always amazes me with how fast she can figure stuff out given the time.

She feeds herself now so I no longer do that. She even sits at the table without a booster seat. She’s learning to use utensils also. She puts out her arms when I’m getting her dressed and lifts her legs when I’m changing her diaper. I find it hard to believe that she will be two in June.

When I think about the future, my heart beats a little faster and I feel as though the walls are caving in on me. I feel like I don’t have much time left. Then I look into her eyes and realize I still have now. I am important to her and how she needs me will change over the years but I will always be important to her. The air getts a little lighter and the room seems brighter.

Being needed by and important to someone, is all anyone wants. I now see my Mom in a new light. I think one child is hard, she raised 4 all about a year apart. I’ve got it good. In all reality I am blessed! Life as a stay home Mom does get stressful but someone always has it worse than me. And for that I am greatful!


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