Queer Women’s Sexuality is Not Up For Grabs

This is my first reblog… this blog post talks about true problems for gay women everywhere! Making out with another girl for any other reason than to share relations is becoming an epidemic! Stop using other women to get your attention!

Forward Woman

By WWN Intern Rachel Cohen

If you’re like me and you think that sleep is for people without internet access, you perhaps saw a tabloid-esque ‘news story’ about Miley Cyrus kissing Katy Perry at the former’s concert a week or so ago. While my interest in whom they both choose to kiss is relatively non-existent, this does remind me of an issue that is particularly bothersome to me. The phenomenon of straight girls ‘playing gay’ for attention is not something I will be fan-girling over. As an openly queer woman, I do not appreciate the use of my sexuality for a moment of attention. Though it may seem relatively harmless, behavior like this contributes to the incredibly prevalent fetishization of queer women.

To some it may seem as though the media is more accepting of queer women than of queer men, but I’d suggest that using female queerness as…

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