When Enough is Enough

Do you know someone who posts everything going on in their life on social media? How about someone who is “in love” with a new person every week? Or better yet, those who claim to be “in love” with more than one person at once and posting ever meaningless (to us anyways) piece of information about their relationships for everyone to see? I know a few people like this and im sure you do too. How can we politely tell these people to shut up?

Now, on average, I update my personal facebook status 1-2 times a day. Sometimes with good news, other times with my accomplishments for the day. Some people update their status way too often. We do not care that you had a fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Its fine to get it off your chest if you MUST but for the sake of all your social media friends, please keep the drama off our feeds. There is a reason why there is an age limit to get a profile so stop acting like your in middle school. Stop calling people out in your statuses. It just makes you look immature and petty. Especially if you will continue the relationship/friendship.  You will end up looking like a hypocrite.

In the past I have caused drama with my then-girlfriend/now-wife on Facebook when we were going through something that should have been kept private. It hurt feelings and was permanently up on the internet. It was childish and made me realize that we all need to know when the information we give is too much. We need to learn when enough is enough!

By JL Meicht – Posted from WordPress for Android


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