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Money Matters

~~I wrote this post months ago… forgot to post it. Just some food for thought!~~

I recently had a conversation about Social Services with an acquaintance. They felt that they had been wrongly denied Temporary Assistance and Foodstamps. They complained about how unfair it was, then went out and bought $100 pair of shoes that weekend. Im sorry, but if you have that much money to drop on clothes, I’d say you are doing pretty well for yourself.

I became disabled in 2004 and hired a lawyer right away. I knew nothing about finding one so I called a phone number on a commercial. My biggest mistake was just randomly picking someone to represent me. But needless to say, one income does not cut it in this world today so I went on Temporary Assistance and Foodstamps with a doctors note stating I could not work. Many years later, I am still out of work and going to counseling once a week, and I am finally off Temporary Assistance. Though we still recieve Foodstamps, my wife works 40 hours a week to support our family. Some families just can’t make it without the help. Then there are others who just abuse the system. It is ignorant to group all people who recieve assistance into one category. Not everyone on assistance is lazy and not working because they don’t want to work. There are many of us just trying to make ends meet.

So before you complain, “Oh, they won’t help me” Or “They aren’t giving me enough!”, look at what you have and be glad you dont qualify or don’t need much help. And if you don’t qualify for a valid reason (your living quarters are too expensive, you are trying to support people who you have no responsibility for, or you have money saved and just dont want to touch it), then its time for you to make a change, that is if your really are struggling to make ends meet. Stop buying the drugs/expensive clothes/needless junk that you can’t afford and buy those diapers/food/necessities you should afford. Then ask for help! Then maybe you’ll qualify for assistance. Until then stop complaining about the system and be happy that you don’t need it because everyone on it has to jump through hoops to keep themselves on it. Its not all that simple.. monthly reports, appointments, and phone interviews galore! No fun… I promise you!

By JL Meicht – Posted from WordPress for Android