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Laugh a Little

Yesterday, my wife and I were sitting at the dining room table talking when our daughter (who turned 2 in June) started throwing toys, one by one, out of her toy bins. “This is a game…” my wife reminds me, as I tell her to stop being destructive. She smiles and chucks another toy over her shoulder.

Terrible two’s they call it. We always follow these behaviors with “Oh, she’ll grow out of it” or “she cant be the only kid who acts that way” or “that’s normal/natural for a two year old” but what is normal? Who decides whats natural for a two year old? What is considered the norm in one house, can be considered odd or even acting out in another home. So that means each child would have their own version of normal, right?

And let me tell you, my little girl is not as innocent as she was 3 weeks ago. It’s like the terrible two’s just took a few months to catch up to us. All of a sudden she is learning how to express wants and needs with words (more so her wants with words…needs are mostly whining and grunts still). All day I hear “I wanna” this and “I don’t wanna” that. Oh, and the famous “I got it”… noooo, you don’t got it… your two!!

My nerves are frying! I’m about to dye my hair for the first time because suddenly my patch of grey hair has doubled in size and is now noticeable. I don’t take this lightly… getting older. Because it means my baby is getting older. Do other Mom’s feel this way? I know everyone talks about how fast time passes but it seems to pass faster when you become a parent.

I guess you have to see the humor in life. My cat seems to like what my daughter throws her toys… she chases every single one. I think I’ll choose to laugh at that next time and let my daughter learn a lesson on happiness instead of punishment. Maybe then, I can relax!

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The Truth About Being in Love

They say you always believe your first love is your last and your last love in your first. I dont know who “they” are, but boy were they wise.

My first love was a boy. We did everything together. He had his license and a car. We went to the beach and camping on the weekends. Fishing was our sport. He was the cutest boy around. Problem was, when he started pulling away after two years, I willingly broke it off. No tears, no drama. I thought I knew what true love was, that is, until I met my wife, Crystal.

I guess you could say that the word love had been redefined. I can honestly say that I had never felt the way I do about her. Never in a lifetime would I have thought that 9 years later, the word would be redefined again, when our daughter Kaydence was born. Now, I am lucky enough to have two loves. My world is filled with so much love these days that I sometimes take it for granted. I am so comfortable with the life we live now that I take that for granted too.

Is this not the point though? To fall in love and start a family? To be happy?

Now, I get jealous sometimes and so does my wife. It a natural thing and even healthy for a relationship in small doses, I would say. It proves that the person is important to you and you are important to them.

We even argue. The trick is to try to talk things out before you go to bed and if you cant for whatever reason, then as soon as possible. Don’t let the resentment build. You would not know the good times from the bad times if you didnt experience both!

We have hurt eachother deeply but gotten through it.  It is the second part of this sentance that is most important. We may have fallen, but that is irrelevant,  we stood straight back up. Love can face the ugliest things and walk back out alive. It never gives up. And that is the truth!

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